Fermented garlic and its many health benefits



Garlic is an amazing little plant.

It enriches just about every savoury dish you can imagine. And, it’s also one of the healthiest plants on earth.


The earliest written references to using garlic as a medicine date back around 5000 years, to 2700 BC and the ancient civilisations in Sumer, India, Egypt and China.

Garlic has even been found in the pyramids.

The ancient Greeks prescribed garlic for many ailments and fed it to the first Olympians to improve their athletic performance.

After arriving in Medieval Britain, around 1548, it was used to treat a host of ailments such as arthritis, toothache, chronic cough, constipation, parasitic infestation, snake and insect bites and gynecologic diseases.

It was apparently even used to treat dandruff.


So legendary are garlic’s medicinal powers, that in 2015 a group of scientists decided to test a 1000 year old remedy, found in the British Library, against the antibiotic resistant infection MRSA.

The recipe involves mixing garlic with onion and applying it directly to the site of an infection.

To their amazement the scientists discovered that this simple, natural tincture completely destroyed the infection.



The role of garlic in delaying or preventing cancer has been investigated by scientists for many years.

In this research homemade garlic extract was found to delay the growth of prostate and breast cancer tumours.   

Garlic not only delays the growth of certain cancers, it appears to help certain cancer drugs work better as well


High blood pressure is the leading cause of heart disease, strokes and chronic kidney disease. And as if that wasn’t enough, it contributes to memory loss, dementia, blindness and sexual disfunction.

A comprehensive study of 20 clinical trials in 2014, found that regular consumption of garlic reduces high blood pressure as effectively as common medicines.

And by reducing blood pressure, garlic helps reduce the likelihood of suffering from the many illnesses adn diseases associated with it.


It’s been shown that fermented garlic is better for you than raw or frozen.

Heating garlic can improve its benefits further but overheating (as in cooking)  destroys certain enzymes.

In this study from 2019, garlic was tested in various forms and the fermented garlic produced the best therapeutic effects. 


Garlic comes in many forms; powder, flakes, tablet, liquid extract, frozen, minced, bulb and wild.

You don’t have to take an expensive garlic tablet every day to benefit.

The research shows that eating garlic as part of your daily balanced diet has many health benefits. 

If you use garlic regularly to cook, the chances are you will have a jar of minced garlic pickled in vinegar in your fridge or a bulb hanging around that you will peel and chop to use.

Yet it’s worth thinking about the journey your garlic makes before it ends up in your kitchen.

  • How far has it travelled? 
  • How long has it been stored for, both before and whilst in transit?
  • Has it been subjected to any other processing (bleaching and boiling are quite common in the garlic trade)?
  • Is it organic, or treated with pesticides?
  • Has it been frozen or heated to a high temperature?

All of the above will impact upon the health benefits of garlic. And so will how you use it. 

  • Try to buy garlic that has been grown as close to your country as possible. That way you reduce your carbon footprint. The UK doesn’t grow a lot of garlic and most is imported. Spanish and Italian garlic is a little more expensive sometimes when compared to Chinese, say, but overall it’s a small price to help save the planet.
  • Try to buy organic garlic. It’s a bit more expensive, but organic garlic is one item that even when the price is double that of non-organic garlic, it’s still an affordable way to eat organic and support a more eco friendly way of farming. And the health benefits are well worth what is effectively less than the cost of a cup of barista coffee. 
  • Uncooked, fermented garlic is best for health benefits. Try and incorporate some into your weekly meal plans.



  • Garlic is extremely nutritious;
  • It has been used as a medicine and as a performance enhancer throughout history;
  • Garlic has proven antibiotic qualities;
  • It helps prevent and delay the growth of cancers;
  • Garlic is proven to reduce blood pressure and thereby reduces the risk of contracting numerous associated chronic illnesses and diseases;
  • Not all garlic is equal in its nutritional value;
  • Cooked garlic is still good for you, but uncooked is better;
  • Fermented garlic is best for good health overall than powdered, minced and raw.

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